Discover the best-protected wood floors on the market

At Silhouette we take the finishing of hardwood flooring to a new level by enveloping each floor board in a protective shield, our Contour Guard® Total Protection technology enhances the value and performance of your Silhouette Hardwood Flooring. Once you’ve established the look you desire, rest assured that the protection and performance of your new floor is our top priority.

You can expect flooring that’s more resilient, that’s easier to clean, healthier, more scratch-resistant, better sealed from moisture and well protected from the sun’s damaging rays. It’s our promise to you. The Contour Guard® Total Protection promise – exclusively from Silhouette.

The natural characteristics of wood.
Before choosing your hardwood flooring, it’s important to understand that all wood reacts to the relative humidity in the air. Humid weather causes wood to expand and dry weather or dryness caused by heating causes it to contract. Without strict humidity controls in place, most solid hardwood floors will experience separation between floorboards. It’s a naturally occurring phenomenon that most of us who have previously owned a wood floor have noticed and understand. We will always remain committed to continued research and development that bring you the best-protected and most beautiful hardwood for your lifestyle.

Patent pending no. 2.664.730